Save Water In Your Yard

Since we are in a full on drought and water rationing, many people are asking what they should do to keep their yard looking pretty and conserving water. So I put together a list of suggestions and am happy to come over and help implement any of them.

1. Evaluate your irrigation system. This step is key.

  • A. Drip for all shrub & planting areas.
  • B. Low volume sprinklers for lawn. Audit and check how much is actually put on the lawn.
  • C. Clean drip filters.
  • D. Test and clean sprinkler nozzles.
  • E. Convert irrigation controller to a smart controller with weather station and moisture testers. This will pay for itself in water cost savings.
  • F. Professional evaluation.

2. Soil Amendments

  • A. Soil polymer added to hold moisture on existing lawn and shrubs
  • B. Soil inoculants that have barriers & fungi to enhance the growing for increased root enhancement. More water pulling capacity.
  • C. Mulch in all planting ares to hold moisture and cover soil to keep moisture in. Also acts as weed barrier.
  • D. Aerate and dethatch lawn.

3. Plant material

  • A. Natural plants that require less water or none at all. Add in 3-5 at a time to make conversion.
  • B. Fescue type sod, has deeper root system to capture more available water.