April 9, 2014

Water Savings Tips

Water Savings in 2014

1. Decide that water conversation is important and benefits us all! gsl


2. Water in the early morning or evening. Less wind drift and lower evaporation rate increase water efficiency use rates.

3. Water lawn and shrubs only when needed. Generally, once every three days during the summer. Reducing your water time by just 1 min. can save 20 gallons a day.

4. Mow higher than normal with a sharp blade. Larger leaf surfaces hold plant liquids and shade the root zone. Dull mower blades will increase moisture loss from the plan,

5. Make sure that sprinklers are not watering your plants and hardscape, they are for your lawn only. Adjust the arc if necessary.

6. Update your irrigation system with a smart controller with a weather station feature. Apply water for brief periods or at reduced rates to allow greater penetration of the soil before fun-off occurs.

7. Match fertilizer to plant requirements to avoid overgrowth and water needs.  Ask your landscape professional for your individualized needs.

 8. Collect rain water to water your garden.

9. Change sprinkler nozzles to low volume nozzles. Can save 10 – 15% water usage.

10. Spread mulch around plants so you can keep them moist.

11. Use a soil probe. Water only when a probe or screw driver is difficult to push into the ground or shows the soil is dry

12. Wash pets on the driest part of your lawn so it will serve double duty.

13. Do not hose down your patios and driveways. Use a broom.

14. Select drought tolerant type of lawn grasses and shrubs that are low water usage. Scientific grass breeding has developed many varieties of improved turf grasses.

15. Plant mostly drought tolerant hybrid shrubs and perennials. They are available with the same beauty and flowering as standard types.

16. Replace lawn on slopes with shrubs and groundcovers. Sloped lawns lead to run off and create waste.

17. Use a pool cover to avoid evaporation.

18. Test Soil and Amend. Create the best possible growing medium with organic materials, pH balance and nutrients.

19. Replace sprinklers in shrub areas with drip irrigation for all plant material.

20.  Give Greenstreak a call to audit your irrigation system, check for leaks, and perform necessary repairs/upgrades to save money and water.


21. Fill sink with soapy water when washing dishes. Rinse all dishes at one time.

22.  Reuse your water glass throughout the day to eliminate unnecessary washing.

23.  Check under all sinks for leaks and repair.

24. Soak pots and pans instead of leaving water running.

25. When washing fruits and veggies, fill sink with water soak.

26. Use leftover water from #25 to water houseplants.

27. Thaw food in refrigerator the night before instead of in running water.

28. Compost fruits and veggies instead of using garbage disposal. Spread in garden for healthy soil.

29. Avoid rinsing dishes before putting in dishwasher (If newer model)

30.  Insulate hot water pipes so it takes less time to heat up.


31.  Listen for a running toilet Replace flapper valve right away to save 300 gallons a month.

32.  Turn off water while brushing teeth. Saves 25 gallons a month.

33.  Turn off water while washing hair and back on to just rinse.

34. Eliminate baths and take shorter showers.

35.  Put aerators on all faucets to save water.

36.  Bathe young children together.


37.  Only wash full loads.

38.  Use cold water for dark clothing.

39. Replace old appliances with energy efficient models.

Which ones will you start doing today?

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