Why You Want a Pond!

What is more important than your health?

Do you know what one of the biggest toxins is that affects people’s health? STRESS! yep, that’s right! Stress actually produces free-radicals in your body!

The outside world is a very stressful place…..so we need to make our homes a sanctuary. A place you look forward to “coming home” to, a source of protection from the outside world, and a place to unwind. What better way than to create an outdoor oasis to enjoy!

Being outside, breathing in fresh air, hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the sun on your face renews our spirit. It grounds our inner being. and Vitamin D from the sun is know as the happy vitamin!

When you build a pond in your yard, the sound of the water brings joy to your ears. The harmony and peace it creates in your soul is meditational and relaxing. Your kids can play in it….your pets too! You can stick your feet in it on a hot day…and it’s a whole lot cheaper than a pool!

There are other benefits to having a pond too! Lowes.com summed it up well.

1. Outdoor Air Conditioning – When the water evaporates, it removes the heat from the environment. This will create a cooling experience in your yard and provide welcome relief on a hot summer day.

2. Sound Masking – The sounds the waterfall or fountain provide are relaxing, like we mentioned. Oftentimes the noise of cars, trains, airplanes, or people wreck havoc on your peaceful outdoor experience. The sounds of the water will hide that noise and provide comfort.

3. Environmental Benefits – Plants and Wildlife alike will enjoy your pond. Birds, small animals, fish, and many plants will grow and thrive and seek refuge in your cool water.

We here at Greenstreak are pond specialists. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to get on our wait list for a pond in your yard!